The Need for the Trust

The Henwood Trust arose out of an urgent need for support in the field of youth justice initiatives. In 1998, Judge Henwood convened an international youth justice conference "Youth Justice in Focus" which resulted in a Ministerial Task Force led by former Justice Minister Phil Goff, which developed the Youth Offending Strategy 2002. One of the key planks of this strategy was a programme, of which she and James Johnston were the original architects, with advice from Maha Paki of Maatua Whangai O Kirikiriroa to target 'hard-end' offenders. This finally came together through the Ministry of Justice's Te Hurihanga project, a residential programme opened in Hamilton in 2007.

Trust's Objectives to devise and promote strategies to reduce serious and persistent offending by young persons; to promote an effective alternative to imprisonment for younger persons, where that alternative will assist young persons to become positive and effective members of society; to identify, assist, promote and support other persons or organisations who intend to or are already working effectively with young persons at risk of imprisonment; and to promote and support any residential youth programme the Trustees see fit, including but not limited to facilitating employment, mentors, education, treatment or supervision of young persons as appropriate to encourage their long-term rehabilitation.

Because we talk regularly with government, non-government agencies and academics from around New Zealand as well as people at the "coal face" we have a wide understanding of the issues facing those involved in the sector, including the young people.

The Trust values the assistance of other youth justice agencies, including Child, Youth and Family, the Ministry of Justice and the New Zealand Police.



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